We are pioneers in the Corporate Wellness Market in Greece. Since 2015, WorkWell has been entirely focused in developing your people. We now work with some of the world’s biggest and most trusted brands.

Happier Employees

Our Philosophy


Is based upon improving the daily lives of your most valuable asset. Your own people! While making your HR Department life easier by outsourcing to WorkWell the needs, complexities and time required to manage your yearly corporate wellness initiatives.

Value Proposition

We can help you bring the very best out from your employees and enable them to feel as part of a bigger and carrying family.


The WorkWell Difference

More Engaged Employees

Of Participants would recommend WorkWell to a colleague.

Of Participants believe we are their best day of the month



We are a hybrid corporate wellness provider, able to switch at any given moment between onsite or online, or combine both implementation channels.



Being corporate oriented and having experienced 1st hand the demands and particular ways structured working environments operate, gives us a strong competitive advantage.


  • We speak your language.
  • We understand your needs.
  • We can identify with your daily work life.

Operations & ROI

We are particularly good in handling the implementation process A-Z and managing most back-office needs on your behalf.

Phase 1 – Consultation
Phase 2 – Design
Phase 3 – Implementation & Communication
Phase 4 – ROI & Fine Tuning


Profound Engagement

In every phase we strive to entertain and educate your people. We always aim to exceed expectations and be their best day of the week. Boosting their morale, while helping you deliver an honest message of appreciation.


Wide Geographical Reach

Onsite, we cover all four major cities in Greece with actual physical presence. Online, we can extend our reach nearly everywhere. We are already managing other Opcos, in countries under the Greek cluster that your company may be responsible for.

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