Working From Home Essentials

Get serious about your home office. Invest in big-ticket items with longevity for comfort and productivity. Your own body and mind will thank you for it. Here is a meaningful list to point you in the right direction.



Just like 9-to-5 office hours have gone the way of the dinosaur during the pandemic, companies may opt to reduce their office footprint, making WFH less the exception and more the new normal.

It’s time to get serious. If your home is going to be your primary office for the foreseeable future — or years to come — you might consider investing in outfitting your space for efficiency, ergonomics and a little enjoyment. Here are six ways to help you think of this as an investment in yourself.

1. Keep Your Feet Warm | Use a Rug

Chances are you aren’t wearing office dress shoes — or any shoes for that matter — to work from home, and a chilly floor underfoot is a bad way to start your workday. Since you are at home, you can create your own standards.

2. Moving From a Laptop to a Big Screen

Connecting your laptop to a big screen will benefit you in so many ways. Most important in protecting your neck by alleviating the height of your screen and protecting your eyes. The top end of the monitor must meet the height of your eyes, around three fingers from the top end of the screen.

3. Take Care of Your Posture & Comfort

Consider investing in a chair with both style and substance. An ergonomically designed chair will safeguard your waist, protect your spine, keep your shoulders relaxed and assist with height arrangements.

4. Get a Desk that Functions for You

Yes, other people in your household may use it, but get what works for you and your needs. Need storage space (get one with drawers), need something wide with plenty of space to spread out? A desk is out there waiting for you!

5. Get Better Lighting

Don’t just make do with what you have; upgrade your lighting to help with eye strain, headaches and blurred vision symptoms, which can detract from productivity. Flos’ Tab LED table lamp (left) has a tent-like head of painted aluminum that swivels 45 degrees to direct light on your desk or to aid reading on the couch.

6. Keep Your Desk Clean with Shelving

The piles of books and paper on your work desk can impede your elbow room, so make sure you have a place to store the things you need nearby.

Go Crazy with Plants | WorkWell AdviceLink to Article

We need fresh air to live a healthy and full life, but it’s fast becoming a luxury. Air purifying plants are a great and natural way to clean your air supply. Snake Plants (Sansevieria) are very resilient and Aloe Barbadensis.