Xmas with WorkWell 21

Looking for fun, educational and interesting ideas for Xmas? Ideas like Kids Yoga, Meeting Spiderman, Fairy Tales and Wellness Bags!


Here is a range of different and wellness online oriented options


1. Kid’s Yoga By A Child Pedagogue

Amaze your kids with a short session of walking in the jungle, imitating an animal, stretching under the sun and even discover simple and effective, new ways to ‘negotiate’ with them.


2. Xmas Wellness Bags

“The joy of opening a small gift is a feeling we all loved since we were kids and can still go a long way, when done right!”

Extend your gratitude towards your people by giving them a combination of ground breaking, tasty and definitely healthy products to sample. Ideas that leave everyone delighted and help them lead a healthier lifestyle.


3. Storytelling By An Actress

Tales that talk about tiny heroes in great deeds, animals with human cries, old men and old women with giant hearts. Lose yourself for a while in our theatrical backstage we have created for you. Calling kids of any age and adults! Και μην ξεχνάτε! Στο τέλος θα ζήσουν αυτοί καλά και εμείς καλύτερα!


4. Work Life Balance

Get ready for 2022 by understanding how one can create more space, time and realise the potentials we all have in achieving a better balance in our life. A very inspiring webinar by a gifted presenter! It will definitely grab your attention and give you six keys to achieve better results.


5. Meet Spiderman

Kids love super heroes and he is one of the most loved ones! Learn his moves, talk with him and even get live autographs that are then forwarded to each kid via email or post.

Apart but closer than ever!